KAMAH loungewear brings the feeling of relaxing at a spa right into your own four walls: these lounge pants, shorts, tops and comfortable long-sleeved garments are cosy and warm, extremely casual but at the same time extravagant and timelessly beautiful. The use of natural fibres ensures an unbelievably good pleasant-to-wear sensation on your skin. Using suitable accessories, you can create your very own personal “feel-good“ KAMAH outfit.



Let go and relax. That is the motto of KAMAH’s loungewear collection. Make yourself at home and curl up in really casual soft garments after work, after yoga, or right after getting in for the weekend. All KAMAH’s loungewear – whether tops, shirts, or leggings for men and women – are attractive items, not only due to their causal, loose cuts but also due to the comfortable, high quality, sustainable material used. For manufacture we use only organic cotton, bamboo, modal or viscose in combination with elastane. Why? Because this stretchy material enables even more manoeuvre, feels pleasant to the skin and sits well on the figure. This means that you can relax on the sofa in exactly the same clothes you use for yoga on the mat.




Time out for body, mind and soul. KAMAH helps you to come into alignment with yourself – a state of being intensely aware, feeling deep emotions, truly relaxing and letting your thoughts roam free. Those who seek such moments of happiness, meditation and enjoyment will be on the lookout for garments which do not detract from the essential. Feel good outfits, simple and uncomplicated, but still casual and high profile. For example INIA lounge pants from the KAMAH CORE collection. These light pants with turned down waistband, hembands and straight cut legs is produced from material which is 90% soft cosy viscose and 10% elastane. Whether you are meditating at home or relaxing at a spa, KAMAH’s loungewear will always turn heads your way.



Casual, loose and comfortable, but still very trendy. Feel good fashion can also be part of cool everyday looks. KAMAH bridges this gaps with its hip overalls from the KAMAH CORE COLLECTION and the new KAMAH COOOL CAZZ line. Our overall LAKSHMI made from viscose (bamboo) quality is also very pleasant to wear, and as such it meets all fashion’s requirements. Decorative detail can be found in the form of contrasting piping on buttonholes where the drawcord exits. The pockets at the back, stiched on to form a “V” shape, and the casual tucks enhance all figures. An absolute “MUST HAVE” for yoga, travel, loungewear or to combine with high heels as a party outfit. Another typical KAMAH item which demonstrates that WE CARE, YOU WEAR.

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